• ED 100 – LC1 Reflection

    This week’s reading emphasized the importance of classroom furniture, bulletin boards, posters, respect between the students and the teachers, and organization in the classroom. It gave several examples and instances of kids in the classroom adapting to the classroom environment around them, and questioning why things were the way that they were. The reading also focused and explained the twelve points a teacher should keep in mind when setting up and teaching in the classroom. The term respect was often used throughout the reading as the book explained how this is important with both the student as well as the teacher. The point of view the book was from, was a teacher explaining their experiences with their classroom as they made valid points regarding the topic of classroom organization and respect between them and the students. 

    My LC1 group chose to focus on these main ideas from the reading. We started off by rearranging the furniture and asking our classmates why they chose where they sat, according to what we read in the book. Then we went into the importance of the bulletin boards that are used in the classroom with a video, and what should be represented throughout the classroom. After we did a Poll Everywhere to discuss those responses, we played a game which allowed our classmates to get up around the room and interact while responding to the 12 questions stated in the book about the classroom. Then, finally we discussed respect, as well as academic organization and responsibility within the classroom between students and teachers, as we finished it off with a kahoot review. 

    The whole design of our learning experience was to make sure our classmates were engaged and out of their seats. The only time they were sitting and listening was whenever we showed the video or reviewed some points towards the end of the lesson. Our group wanted to make this a fun learning experience with what information the book had given us with the readings. I can say that we were able to fit in most, if not all of the information we wanted to cover in our lesson, and I think it went pretty well. The one thing that I would change if I could would be the amount of time we used up on some activities rather than others. I believe that our main issue was time, but we still were able to finish effectively and efficiently. I had the task of organizing the whiteboard seating activity as well as making and creating the respect google slide, as well as creating the kahoot at the end. We used the whiteboards, the smartboard, sticky notes, the teacher book, markers, and the computers in order to teach this lesson. 

    Overall, I feel like within our group everyone was able to participate and act connected with each other throughout the lesson. We each had a meeting right after our meeting with Dr. Shutkin, and we sat down and thoroughly discussed and assigned parts of the lesson to one another. We came up with activities together that we thought our classmates would enjoy, and we tried to really play to each other’s strengths when assigning those to each other. I believe that when creating the slideshow, we all contributed and each had our own colored coded slides, which I made to help keep things organized when we presented. I also wrote in and organized everhones ideas in a shared google doc, whenever we all met in person to discuss the lesson. 

    In conclusion, I think that the learning experience that our group performed was a good one. I was able to not only learn more about our book and the lessons that were being taught, but I was able to creatively emphasize and connect those readings to a fun and engaging lesson for this class. Overall, if we could have worked on anything it would be time management, and just including more of what the book had stated in the readings. With that being said, I feel like we did a great job with incorporating the information we saw and understood in the readings, and we were able to share our point of view with our classmates. I thought that our lesson was organized, engaging and well thought out for our classmates, and I think that most of them enjoyed getting up from their seats during the lesson to feel like they were a part of the lesson. I think that the main thing I noticed from this assignment was that the book’s points are very evident in the classroom, considering we were the one’s teaching a lesson. It connects a lot of what we discussed in the class, and we were about to see that when helping our classmates connect with the lesson that we taught. 

    Link to the Google Slides Presentation : https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EvrUpsCFigGh3wMmEYNp1UIlkNqO7agWmIpw9ErNToI/edit#slide=id.p

  • About Me!

    My name is Ava and my pronouns are she / her.

    I am from a small town in Pittsburgh, PA called Peters Township

    I plan on studying Middle Childhood Education

    I enjoy tennis, art, fashion, photography, yoga and baking

    In high school, I played on the tennis team as well as I was involved with the art, theater, and photography program. I enjoy drawing and painting, sewing and fashion, yoga and tennis, as well as theater, photography, and writing. When I hang out with my friends, I like to go shopping, go out to eat, or just hang out together at home.

    What matters to me the most is kindness, self value and creativity. I believe that these are two of the most important aspects of life, especially in education.

    Book / Quote – Perks of Being a Wallflower – “The problem with things is that everyone is always comparing everyone with everyone and because of that, it discredits people.” (Chbosky 104). – Perks of Being a Wallflower -Page 104 ; This particular quote relates to what I believe about kindness and self value, because it shows that people are constantly trying to be something they are not, and I believe that everyone should be able to express themselves in a free and equal manner.

    In order for me to learn, I want to be able to learn at a decent pace, no too fast, and to be able to work with other around me. I like to be engaged in the topics going on around the classroom and connecting with everyone. I am willing to take creative risks in the classroom, and I honestly just love being creative in general with my learning.

    As my experience as a student was pretty good, however sometimes I felt like some of my needs weren’t met when it came to tests or assignments. Especially with covid – 19, it was sort of difficult to learn online and be engaged in the class.

    What is your favorite part about being at JCU?

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